During the latter half of your third year in an Honors Specialization module in Psychology, you should be thinking about obtaining an advisor for your 4th year Honors Thesis course major research project carried out under the direction of a qualified advisor. Electives or Other Module You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your program. It is entirely up to the professor of the course to admit students over and above the enrollment limit. To be eligible for admission to the Honors Specialization in Psychology program- BA, students must complete 5. Students need to have a Grade 12 Mathematics course Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, or Mathematics of Data Management in order to complete the prerequisite of 1. You must list at least 6 potential supervisors that you would be willing to be supervised by.

What should I do? Also contact the Mathematics Department for an evaluation of the level of the Mathematics course. Please contact the appropriate Department if you are uncertain as to the reason behind the error message. Physiology and y or the former Physiology ; Physiology a. Be academically engaged rather than passive.

Honors Thesis Honors Thesis Timeline.

This module focuses broadly on biological, social, and psychological foundations of behavior. Psychology is a prerequisite for Psychology E and E. Students are often unsure about how to address their professors in writing or conversation.

Enrollment limited to students in Honours Specialization in Pharmacology Program.

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You wish to pursue a degree with a Major in Psychology. Then submit written recommendations from both Departments to your home Faculty Academic Counselling office for final approval and future reference. X; Hi Prof X. The answer to this question depends on what you intend to do after your thesi degree. Research Participation Pool Accessibility.


uwo psychology honours thesis

This evaluation will be done at two times during the academic year. Each of your courses will make large demands on your time if done well, and you will also want to enjoy the social aspects of university life.

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The Psychology programs are structured in a way so as to build your scholarly skills incrementally. Other requests come from students whom they barely know. Advice for students entering Psychology Welcome to Psychology at Western!

All degrees tuesis 1. Full Time and Cross Appointed faculty can supervise thesis students.

Honors Specialization BA

What Do I Need to Know? The Admissions Office will review your transcripts to determine your eligibility psycholgoy advanced standing. Research projects may take the form of relatively independent work, or may involve collaboration in ongoing projects in that laboratory. I wish you all the best for a successful tenure at Western.

uwo psychology honours thesis

Upload your completed form to the OWL site by March 1, Although some students have a clear sense of their career path, most begin their university years without having made a firm decision. Step Two — Review by psychklogy Department. Work independently or collaboratively on a research project in a specific psycchology of physiology or pharmacology where the project includes literature review, experimental design, collection, analysis, and interpretation of results psycholkgy the writing of a scientific report in a journal manuscript format, Perform the experimental procedures and operate the scientific equipment relevant to the research project, Critically analyze published papers in the scientific literature and present the critique as an oral report, and Organize and present the results of the research project in a 10 minute oral report and in a scientific poster.


uwo psychology honours thesis

Home Undergraduate Honors Thesis. Please note that this is the Psychology component of your degree only. The syllabus, in turn, must be approved by the instructor of the UWO course.

Thus, take more than one course from the same individuals, and go all out in these courses. Be academically engaged rather than passive. Psych E Thesis Alternatively, the course may be full, you may not be in the specified program for which priority to register is given, or you may not belong to the department in which the course is offered.

Physiology and Pharmacology E Prerequisite s: To declare an Honors Specialization, Specialization, or Major Module, you must have permission from the appropriate Department and your Faculty. Follow this link to Western’s Official Program Guide.