On the other hand, Jean Piaget , a Swiss Psychologist, Biologist, and developmental theorist, looks upon play as a means by which the child can transform reality by assimilation to the needs of the self. Technology Education — refers to the education which deals on the improvement of technical skills. Synthesis of the Related Literature and Studies.. Students are not left to construct this information for themselves. More so, the research design employed in the study will give a comprehensive view as to what is the level of implementation and effect of integration of pinoy games in teaching distance formula and its effect in the conceptual understanding of grade 10 learners in Talipapa high school.

They apply targeted interventions as components of differentiation. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation may arise from social expectations, future earning potentials or grades. By maria bernadette babaran. Children who are engaged show enthusiasm, optimism, curiosity and interest. And to know the degree of relationship between the two variables, correlation coefficient will be taken. Each year level will represent 40 percent of the population.

Research Design This research used descriptive research that aims to collect the information regarding to the technical skills of the selected BSE TLE students. Students who are very grade-oriented are extrinsically motivated, whereas students who seem to truly embrace their work and take a genuine interest in umiversity are intrinsically motivated.

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The young preschool child operates in the play stage of development of the self, accomplishing role transformations from self to others with little elaboration or perspective. The teacher-respondents in the dry-run of the questionnaire will not be included as participants of the study. Request appropriate materials and tools 3. In Distance Formula the idea is for learners to assume distance.


university of caloocan city thesis

The study is specifically aimed to seek answers the following questions: Read and interpret kitchen plans. It recognizes all students have different abilities. The use of an open-ended materials such as art materials and natural materials in ways that encourage fluency, flexibility, originality imagination, embellishment and making novel connections.

Receive and inspect materials 4. Metacognitive strategies empower students to think about their own thinking. Technology Education — refers to the education which deals on the improvement of technical skills. Hattie measures the general effect size of questioning as 0.

university of caloocan city thesis

Each year level will represent 40 percent of the population. The study will help teachers to determine also the technical skills to be focus on the students. DepEd Guiding Principles, Play is understood both to represent the quintessential child development and activity Pellegrini and Bjonklund, and as serving basic developmental functions Sutton- Smith, The researcher will be gathered ideas from the related literature and previous studies about the topic in order construct the instrument for this study.

Both teachers and peers can provide formal or informal feedback.

The community will be one of the end beneficiary of the results of the study. Value Scale Mean Average Description 5 4.

university of caloocan city thesis

In the s, a new awareness of the importance of interactional and reciprocal relations in human-environment interactions Moore, developed. To develop and design curriculum reflecting the importance of integrating play in the context of learning and embodiment of creating a socially aware educational environment.


The study does not include the behavioral pattern of the students — respondents in their respective classes. Electrical Installation 5 4 3 2 1 1. Help Center Find new research papers in: This methods involved range from the survey on how the technical skills can affect the academic performance of the high school students. Effective teachers use explicit teaching to provide instruction, demonstrate concepts and build student knowledge and skills.


Their collaboration may involve projects undertaken by the whole class, such as an environmental project in the school or a community survey. To determine the average score for the pre-test and post-test of test result.

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But it is also an accepted fact that in educating the youth the premise that it takes two to tango is so evident. Various classroom and instructional strategies along with alternative assessment practices that have been shown to improve motivational levels will also be examined.

This literature review will show the importance of student motivation in a successful educational environment. On the other hand, ACT conclude in their study that strong academic achievement, technical skill, certainty of occupational choice, college readiness promote degree and job attainment in careers of interest and job satisfaction helps high school graduates to enter college.

Children have different experiences including different play experience depending on their home, community, cultural and societal context. Some of the most common math learning problems include: