They feel that a woman is an equal competion to man. But Sita is totally different from her daughter Devi. Mayamma becomes her consoler, friend and emotional pillar. These three characters reveal a change in their outlook toward life representing their respective generations. She writes to Mahesh: If history and politics are male discourses mythology becomes a female domain. When Devi wants to tell about her life in America, Sita simply smiles and gently stops her.

His death releases Mayamma from all the emotional and ethical bonds and propels her to create a new place for herself in this vast alien world. Mayamma gets married at early an stage, has bitter memories but accepts her fate to endure the burden of her life. That is how it should be: I imagine the concerns of each of these personas informs and leaks into the other, in ways I need not be self-conscious about. Indian women writing in English is being recognised as a major contemporary current in English language and Literature.

Thus she treads a path of life in order to gain only love and compassion from her on people and the society. My burned thighs my clamped together as I felt the devouring fire cling to my entrails Her fists pummelled my breasts and my still swollen stomach till they had to pull her off my cowering, bleeding body. As soon as each child was born, she threw it into the water of the Ganga.

Mayamma had been thrown into the waters of her womanhood well before she had learnt to swim. The Chating of Cultural Territory.

All the three female characters have their own notions of identity for some means of survival they could fashion for themselves. The irony of course is that how do you expect a government that is ideologically in the same camp as many hate-speakers to fulfil this function? But her husband Mahadevan suddenly dies while they were in Africa.


“When Bodies Speak,” by Githa Hariharan | World Literature Today

It is a scathing criticism on the pathetic state of women in this society. She, at the end of the novel has the support of Devi in her life. So you have the experience not only of going to court but also of winning in court. Skip to main content. In Manipur, the play spoke to some; it enraged others and was nearly banned.

thesis on githa hariharan

On the other hand, male authors used to dealwith heavy themes. She bore him seven sons.

thesis on githa hariharan

Thus in a male dominant world, they all fail to receive a strong support from the men on their lives. The Thousand Faces of Night. Showalter in her work A Literature of their Own traces the slow and steady process of this protest against harkharan male domination hariharzn the works of women writers. It shows, with expectational fictional skill, the subtle and everyday way in which women are bludgeoned to play male-scripted Subordinate roles prelude, ix.

This contribution of India has been chiefly through the Indian Writing in English and translations of regional literature into English, Novelists being forefront in this respect.

Many Indian English novelists have turned to the past as much to trace the deepening mood of nationalism as to cherish the memories of the by-gone days. Once literacy began to filter through society, those stories were transformed into the poetry and drama. The Thousand Faces of Night is not just a womanist novel but it is a definite feminist writing in which myths are revisioned, rewrote, and retold from a female point of view. As a result women have to write themselves into discourses.


The two women communicate, sympathise and support each other, thus breaking the proverbial silence among women in Indian society.

When Bodies Speak

Traditionally, the work of Indian women writers has been undervalued due to patriarchal assumptions about the superior worth of the male experience. She is sure that Devi would get back to her after disillusionment with her lover. She giha to Mahesh: He never misses any chance to insult her. Thus she treads a path of life in order to gain only love and compassion from her on people and the society.

Mythology and reality in Githa Hariharan’s “The thousand faces of night”

When compared to first and second generation woman the third generation hariharxn acquired any change in her relationship with man and society?. Does the third generation woman acquire any freedom and achievement when compared to first and second generation woman?. Harihatan remember that for every good judgement, there may be ambiguous or bad judgements. Through her works she attempts to tear apart the veil of sophistication and social equality by representing the status of women even in the present age.

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