The ethical framework to guide the research and to set the standards of neuromarketing befits the duties of the researchers. Marketing research has experienced a groundbreaking turn with the increasing use of neurotechnologies and neuroimaging techniques especially in the last decade. On the basis of this new research, some marketing companies have decided to specialize in selling brain imaging technology to large corporate clients. It is peer-reviewed with an impact factor of 3. Farah emphasized the importance of protecting various groups, addicts and psychologically vulnerable parties with major disorders Farah , and others have pointed to the particular vulnerability of the incarcerated even when representatives or advocates for the vulnerable population serve on the Institutional Review Boards Mobley et al.

Bioethics in a changing world, Turkish Bioethics Association, Y. The bioethical discourse has a social and pragmatic function of bringing people together for a meaningful engagement of argumentation Finlayson France has stepped forth by putting the applications of this technology in a legal framework by specifying the use of neuroimaging technologies only for human health and welfare. Improved technologies are making incidental and secondary findings increasingly common. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 9 1 , 34— The Journal of Neuroscience, 30 23 , —

The patient had the mass surgically removed, and recovered. The French Parliament has revised neurosdience rules on bioethics. Due to the empowerment of the consumer and increase in competitiveness, now more than ever the companies need to understand the consumers in a global manner.

Neuromarketing : an essential tool in the future of advertising and brand development

Accessed on 15 Dec Those secondary findings raise related issues: By assessing the benefits and potential risks to participants and volunteers, the ethics committees, owing to their multi-professional, pluralistic structure, express the need for conformity to accepted ethical standards and practices and thereby the viability of any research Guide for Ethics Committees Although there are several sources to consult, in this neroscience we propose seven journals where you can find scientific neuromarketing papers, studies on consumer neuroscience, general neuroscience, and marketing applied to the consumer.


This paper begins with a brief introduction to the field of neurotechnology by presenting its current capabilities and limitations.

You might be interested in: We propose that the role of bioethical discourse, together with the supervising and monitoring functions of ethics committees are relevant in this respect. Nature, World View, 29 Feb Murphy and her colleagues have noticed that the search of the responses of the human brain to the marketing stimuli in order to obtain objective data about the inner workings of the brain might be a potential threat to the autonomy of the participants from whom certain information is waived in obtaining consent prior to the research Murphy et al.

Imagined consumption reduces actual consumption.

Vulnerable groups should be treated with special care. This is a peer-reviewed journal that has a JIF impact factor of 3. Considering that human dignity presents an indispensable component of an autonomous human identity, it is claimed that while handling the uncertainties of predicting the effects of any technology, possible risks of harms and benefits to the concerned parties, should be taken into consideration.

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The idea neuromatketing the public sphere and the discursive ethics of Habermas may be relevant in this context. The ideas of the enlightenment—liberty, solidarity and equality—are implicit in the concept of the public sphere, and they provide standards for criticism.

thesis neuromarketing neuroscience

Code Civil, Article 16— These groups might be much more susceptible and could easily be deceived or negatively affected by the use of this technology. In this paper, it is argued that these technologies should be sufficiently discussed in public spheres and its use on humans should be fully carried out according to the ethical principles and legal regulations neuromarjeting in line with human rights and human dignity.

Ethical challenges in advanced neuroimaging. Since many details about this emergent application are unclear, the use of neuroimaging technologies in the marketing field has not been scientifically and ethically convincing yet, in the light of human health and welfare. Internet Pages of worldwide neuromarketing companies.


thesis neuromarketing neuroscience

Although the ethical codes would have a positive impact on companies and laboratories in the field of neuromarketing, it is important to have these ethical discussions with the contribution of the society, namely with the concerned stakeholders. Improved technologies are making incidental and secondary findings increasingly common. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 9 134— Accessed 22 June Related items Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. As Illes pointed out, the interpretation of neuroscientific findings poses a significant problem because it requires a high level of knowledge integration and meaningful interpretation Illes Skip to main content.

thesis neuromarketing neuroscience

In this way, you can get familiarized with the new research trends that will help you guide your future research, form critical thinking regarding neuromarketing, and in general, to study and understand how our brain functions. Although neuromarketing can be defined as a kind of marketing research carried out for commercial purposes rather than clinical research, this sort of application which is benefiting neuro devices should be provided with bioethical considerations, on top of business ethics requirements, as the human integrity and identity are in question.

7 journals to consult for neuromarketing research papers

It neurosciencr be taken into consideration that some applications may be hidden from the participants in order to glean an authentic response to the inputs of the experiments.

Otherwise the lack of information on part of the neuromarketing techniques may cause misunderstanding and misconceptions. This is a bimonthly journal published by the American Marketing Association. The consilience of brain and decision.