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Mets’ Nippers is a fun and healthy activity for boys and girls aged between 6 and 15.  The primary objectives of our Junior Activities program are to develop surf awareness, beach and water safety, as well as sporting and team skills.  It is a stepping stone for development, provides opportunities for all ages, and encourages a sense of fulfilment.

The Mets Nipper Program has taught our children excellent surf safety skills which has seen them gain confidence and respect for the ocean. It also improved their fitness and allowed them to make many great friends
— Pat & Dee
The nipper program has been incredible for our children’s development. My girls have evolved from timid swimmers, initially scared of the ocean and the challenges it offers, to self-confident little athletes, passionate about facing their fears and the challenges the ocean has to offer week in-week out
— Kerry & Tony



As a volunteer organisation, Metropolitan Caloundra SLSC is run by its members.  The Junior Activities Committee encourages parents to participate and help make Nippers a success for the kids, be it at the beach on Sunday mornings, at carnivals, or around the Club.

For those interested in joining the Mets’ Nippers family, further information can be accessed via the Nipper Handbook.

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Want to try nippers out without being committed to a club?

The Little Lifesavers program is a great introduction to Surf Lifesaving for kids ages 5-11 - without having to travel to a surf beach or join a Surf Life Saving Club.

Try Little Lifesavers today!

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