Weekend Bronze/SRC Course

The Club will be holding a weekend course for members to obtain either their Bronze Medallion (BM) or Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) on the following dates:

  • Sunday 14 October

  • Saturday 20 October

  • Sunday 21 October (20/21 will include half day collecting at SOS Appeal)

  • Sunday 28 October (14-15 Teams Carnival at Kings Beach)

  • Saturday 3 November (Spare day, to be discussed during training)

  • Sunday 4 November (final assessment in morning)

Training will be held each day from early morning (approximately 7.30am) until mid to late afternoon.  The final assessment will be held on Sunday 4 November.

Members must be:

  • 13 years of age for SRC or 15 years of age for BM (on date of assessment)

  • Financial Member for 2018/2019

  • SRC candidates must be able to swim 200 metres in less than 5 minutes. BM candidates must be able to swim 400 metres in less than 9 minutes. A pool swim will be conducted on the first day of training.

Registrations will close at 5pm on Tuesday 9 October 2018.


Simon Richards
Chief Training Officer
Mobile: 0419 710398