Process analysis and functional requirements 11 points 3. Procedures for Review of Alleged Arbitrary and Capricious Grading — appeals may be made on final course grades as described herein. Administrative Assistant prepares and sends Hiring Offer to Selected Candidate by mailing offer letter. After that, you can retake the quiz to reinforce the learning; however, the grade will not be changed in the grade book. Students can access their complete list of assignments and their corresponding due dates within the Assignments section of the classroom by navigating to the Assignments section of the class from the main navigation bar.

Organizational Strategy – Using the Business Strategy statement and information from the Case Study, explain how a new hiring system would support that strategy. UMUC is committed to ensuring that all individuals are treated equally according to Policy CIC obtains most of its business through competitively bidding on Requests for Proposals issued by business, government and non-profit organizations. The CIO has set up a series of interviews for you to collect information about the current hiring process and the requirements for a system. Very few or no errors in sentence structure, grammar, and spelling; double-spaced, written in third person and presented in a professional format.

Since CIC has no experience in the global marketplace, the Director of HR has begun examining international labor laws to determine where CIC should recruit and hire employees. Click to access your course materials information. Each stage is to be completed and submitted according to the course buainess. If you are uncertain about your standing, consult with your instructor.

ifsm-300 case study stage 1 business environment analysis

You will need to combine the steps that each interviewee discusses and organize them into a logical sequence showing the high-level start to finish process. Background and Organizational Analysis Stage 1 – The first step is to look at the organization and explain how an IT system could benefit CIC by improving its hiring processes. Sources used are relevant and timely and contribute strongly to the analysis.


ifsm-300 case study stage 1 business environment analysis

Use at least one external reference and one from the course content. The Graduate School does not award the grade of D.

If you turn in your Stage 2 one week late, your Stage 3 will also be late and subject to any late penalties. Using the case study provided, you will prepare and deliver an analysis that will be divided into four stages. Two or more sources–one source from within the IFSM course content and one external other than the course materials.

IfSM 300 Stage 1 CIC Case Study Chesapeake

Responses to classmates’ postings should be constructive, expand upon points made, xase additional questions, and contribute to the dialogue.

The goal is to analyze business strategies to recognize how technology solutions enable strategic outcomes and to identify information system requirements by analyzing business processes. Administrative Assistant prepares and sends Hiring Offer to Selected Candidate by mailing offer letter. Describes the organization and provides an effective introduction to what follows; is clear, logical, derived from the Case Study; and demonstrates a sophisticated level of writing.

She will be looking for clear information that proposals have been well researched, provide a needed capability for the organization, and can be cost-effectively implemented in a relatively short period of time to reap the benefits. Please take full advantage of this opportunity to provide your feedback. The Interviews in the CIC Case Study provide some information you need about how the process is currently conducted, but you may need to make some additional assumptions.

CIC relies on its HR Department to find and hire the personnel that the line managers cqse for upcoming contracts. Skip to main content. Using the case and the table format provided, analyze the business environment by applying such techniques as Porter’s Five Forces Model.



Using the case provided, write a short paper that identifies a technology solution to improve the identified process and the next steps to implementing it, addressing areas specified in the instructions. Case Study 4 stages 1. That data can then be aggregated, processed, and turned into useful information to support the hiring process.

Please plan to participate regularly.


CIC anticipates it will win two large contracts in the near future and is preparing proposals for several other large projects. Provide an introductory sentence for this section, followed by sentences for each role. Busuness academic or business writing, the writer is expected to write in the third person. Using the case and the provided template containing IT requirements such as security, data quality, etc.

IfSM Stage 1 CIC Case Study Chesapeake – ankitcodinghub

Once you begin the exam, you will have a specific amount of time to complete it. To successfully navigate the online classroom new students are encouraged to view the Classroom Walkthrough under Help in the upper right menu of the LEO classroom.

If the student has busineds the tutorial within the past year, the certificate from that training can be posted and will suffice. The case study provides insight into the kinds of data that will be needed. The graphic below outlines the Table of Contents for this report: Responses are kept confidential.

ifsm-300 case study stage 1 business environment analysis