In organizing vertical structure, we consider: Matrix combines functional and divisional approach where some employees report to two supervisors two-boss employee. The Marketing Mix Revisited: Efficient use of resources thus it would be cost-efficient. Ayishia is frustrated after few months in the job and is asking for a clear statement of responsibilities and authority from Marshall. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Losing authority on some IT personnel may result to non-uniformity of processes or different strategic activities especially those relating to customers not to mention the bank is a service technology. The IT Department advises and recommends line departments based on their technical expertise. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Authority, responsibility, delegation, and accountability should also de defined. Email required Address never made public.

Goals of efficiency and a stable environment are associated with a mechanistic system. Authority, responsibility, delegation, and accountability should also de defined.

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In general, the main thing to do would be to see how the bank runs after Ayishia ansder more comfortable with her job and evaluate the company before making a decision. Organizing is defined as utilizing the resources of anawer organization to achieve strategic goals.

One team will handle the corporate IT Infrastructure jobs which includes basic troubleshooting, network connections, purchase of hardwares and softwares, etc. With that said, the bank has been growing with the way it has been currently organized, and a massive overhaul could result in bad news.

Project managers are located outside of the departments and have responsibility for coordinating several departments to achieve desired project outcomes.

fmb&t case study answer

Marshall seemed to agree with Ayishia in her request for a formal copy of her authorities and responsibilities, but also pondered the idea that maybe Ayishia had uncovered a major organizational problem throughout the bank. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.


Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! Information Technology is being used by successful and leading-edge banks to operate efficiently and respond to customers effectively.

Having the approval matrix will have a clear and defined authority for Ayishia and the project managers. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

Example, the planned initiatives of IT to contribute to business strategies can be pushed aside if top management thinks it is not urgent at the moment or be delayed awaiting approval; the frontliners in branches would missed opportunities for new products or services they think is relevant to their customers because they are not much empowered to do so.

For this group, the work performed by subordinates is stable and routing thus the structure is flat which has a wide span and horizontally dispersed. The IT staff would also like to identify opportunities for IT developments that can contribute to business strategies but found itself limited to applications work only to which they feel underused.

fmb&t case study answer

You are commenting using your Google account. When there is a project to be launched, the Project Development PD Officer acts as the project manager to coordinate to various department the tasks needed in connection with the project launch. So Ayishia is a new executive and her department seems to be not only neglected but also under a lot of fire for performing under expectations.

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That way, corporate still has some control, but each IT department could meet their individual needs faster as well.

Daft, Management 10 th Edition Cengage Learning Ideally, IT would want to understand every angle of the problem to ensure solution will fit into the existing system. These activities are process-based and asnwer less supervision and the decision making can be centralized under a vertical structure.


The bank is also a service technology that has direct contact with customers in providing its products or services. Chain of Command — IT Department is a staff department because it provides specialized skills that support the line departments.

Marshall Pinkard needs to handle this delicate situation carefully, since he has limited information. This site uses cookies. ansaer

FMB&T Case Study Essay

sutdy The criteria set for departmentalization depends on the approaches adopted. The way she sees it, the relationship of IT and other units is unclear resulting to confusion, resistance, and inefficiency. This team is similar to a task force except that it works with continuing rather than temporary problems and might exist for several years.

The terms mechanistic and organic can be used to explain structural responses to strategy and the environment. All of these factors will add to why Marshall will have to gather more information and make a decision very carefully.

The IT department is going mad from expectations to give quick solution yet some requesting departments of the bank is not willing to coordinate due to time involved.

Since it is a traditional structure, decision authority is centralized which means decisions are made at the top level dmb&t none answdr limited at the lower level. Factors Vertical Structure Horizontal Structure 1.