Get ready to discuss your ideas for Paper 2 — Rhetorical Analysis of a visual. MLA style paper — https: I forgot my username and password. In order to achieve these goals, we will break them down into smaller objectives, such as learning how to: Where am I today? Plagiarism is a violation of academic honesty and goes against the rules of this university and my own personal ethics. You will then revise your draft and submit it for final grading again, with all previous work attached by

This writing should focus on YOUR evaluation of yourself as a writer. Treat your classmates and professor the way you would like to be treated. I will respond to your draft and return it to you with comments, but no grade. By the end of the course, you should be able to demonstrate your competence in four areas:. Instead, you will write a letter to Cathy Small—aka Rebekah Nathan—that addresses the above points.

With over 20 full-time faculty homeeork instructors, we are dedicated to providing all students with high quality instruction and the resources to excel. These are the types of questions you should consider and answer, and once again, you should use examples from the reading and your experiences to support your reasoning.

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Write a page analyzing the visual ipdw Week Ten Oct 26 In-class work with library databases and evaluating sources. Understand how genres shape reading and writing Should be introduced in W Whereas students in W may write in more familiar genres that require less research, students in W should write in less familiar genres that require more research.


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This memo should be at least a page. Write an assessment of your progress in the course so far and bring it to your midterm conference as well. Write one body paragraph your choice that you are planning to include in your analysis.

At the end of your Introduction, present your analytical claim. The same must occur in W We are almost there J. Check your e-mail, Facebook, chat, and surf the net before or after class starts.

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English W is a writing course; therefore, one of our goals for this class is to grow as writers. For Thursday, September 8, Paper 1 is due. I have a local svn homework checked out and it seems to be working ifw so far.

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Rhetorical Knowledgeincluding the ability to focus on a purpose and audience; to respond appropriately to different kinds of rhetorical situations; to adopt appropriate voice, tone, and level of formality; and to write in several genres.

Respond to the needs of different audiences Students must write for various audiences e. What is the impact of the image?

Find an ad from an advocacy group and analyze it. If you are interrupted during a homework assignment or quiz, you can log back into the system and return to the assignment where you left off. The outcomes listed in the first column of each table are based on the Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition, which was written by the Council of Writing Program Administrators see http: The following four tables represent outcomes for W and W For Tuesday, September 27, Read critically and write clearly and persuasively in various rhetorical contexts; Apply methods of inquiry appropriate to various rhetorical contexts; and Demonstrate critical thinking through the interrelated activities of reading and writing.


You will then revise your draft and submit it for final grading again, with all previous work attached by For Thursday, September 22, If your revision is not turned in to me by the date you select, the revision will be considered late and will not be accepted.

You just have to ask. Students must provide evidence that they have used various strategies e.

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Job Openings Library Technology. Nov 18 In-class work with drafts in progress. Your interaction with the system is saved as you move from one question to the next. Introduction for Paper 3.