The special items are mentioned below: Online availability of electronic theses through centrally-maintained digital repositories will not only ensure easy access and archiving of Indian doctoral theses but will also help in raising the standard and quality of research. Library Philosophy and Practice e-journal. University of Fort Hare 29 April DSpace Astrophysics, India http: Click here to sign up. Peer-reviewed research papers resulting from publicly funded research should also be made available through open access channels, subject to copyright regulations.

Some universities began their ETD by instituting and electronic copy requirement along with the paper version during submission of the theses or dissertation. Supports student endeavours, providing access to theses and dissertations and a location for the development of e- portfolios What is an Institutional Repository? What Do Institutional Repositories Contain? Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Status of E-theses Repositories with special reference to India.

I have not also considered those repositories have not provided information regarding number of records, software used, subject covered, content type etc.

TIET Digital Repository

Retrieved February 01, from http: E-Theses Online 26 MyCoRe January http: If properly implemented with the existing practices, IDRs has the potential to fulfill thapad unmet expectations. Peer-reviewed research papers resulting from publicly funded research should also be made available through open access channels, subject to copyright regulations.


IRs are part of a growing effort to reform scholarly communication and break the monopoly of journal publishers by reasserting institutional control over the results of scholarship.

Nitya is used by only 1 repository.

ETD-db University of Pisa http: University of Limpopo 29 April University Grants Commission enacted “UGC Submission of Metadata and Full-text of Doctoral Theses in Electronic Format Regulations, ” to strengthen national capability of producing electronic theses and dissertations, dspac, to maintain university-level and national level databases of theses and dissertations.

An IR may also serve as an indicator of the scope and extent of the university’s research activities. Remember me on this computer. It also recommended that all academic institutions must set up institutional repositories of ETD.

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University of Fort Hare 29 April Retrieved January 05, from http: However, the findings of our study dspave that IDRs could become a compelling and useful tool for collecting, organizing and disseminating intellectual output of an institute.

Centroccidental Lisandro October http: A repository can hold wide range of materials in different forms and formats for scholarly communications. Bora College, shantashrees yahoo. Definition In simplest terms, a digital repository is where digital content, assets, are stored and can be searched and retrieved for later use.


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The oldest one is prior to Self-archiving Research for Open Access in India. DSpace Astrophysics, India http: Science 50 Open Access http: Manages and measures research and teaching activities 6. EPrints November Paul Sabatier http: The movement traces its history at least back to the s, but became much more prominent in the s with the advent of digital communications, in particular the Internet. Driving on the Green Road: Before the advent of internet, File Transfer Protocol, gopher, and the World Wide Web were used to increase availability of scholarly material by lowering the barriers to distribution.

dspace thesis thapar

EPrints Uppsala University http: EPrints Agricultural Sciences http: DSpace Universidade da Beira http: Home Indian Institute of 28 May ETD-db December http: In India, Institutional repository movement was started in and is gaining momentum and new initiatives are emerging around the country.

DSpace October www.