Chichoni cheJoni September 13, at 8: Today I present to you 28 graduands with various disabilities. Rather than sulking at those who earned their Ph. Compare that nepfuti dzepa RSA apa. Binga community resort to eating roots as hunger bites 14 hrs ago Views. This is a circus of unimaginable proportions. You need to have got these degrees before your minds are warped and corrupt.

You cannot study PhD without exposing the uniqueness of your study. Newbgning September 13, at She was going to be the only star at congress if she got the PhD oga oga! Chidumbu 5 years ago. That is a standard practice for all research students and the letter will enable them to gain easy entry to the research site.

dr mujuru thesis

Kokorikoo September 13, at 7: Chamisa reaches half a million mark 6 hrs ago Views. We are also aware of outsourced researchers like Dr Gono v Dr. Tanaka, are the two PhD theses in your comment meant for Dr. TanakaHonest September 13, at 9: Zanu PF has no intentions of solving Zim challenges newsday May 8, AS long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah State ruled thfsis corrupt and vote-rigging people, there will be no meaningful economic recovery, that Little knowledge is dangerous.


Dr Mujuru’s PhD thesis disappears from UZ library shelves

Obviously a degree is not what it once was. It was not well done, I was expecting her to do a kind of open and axial coding which she did not do. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

dr mujuru thesis

Chanisa 5 years ago. Ndiyo regime change agenda iri pachena kai iyi.

VP Mujuru’s thesis hits UZ library shelves while Dr Grace’s is still missing – iHarare News

The nation will be expecting your expertise to show and help president Mugabe to do the right economical decisions. Zimbabwe police resurfaces with hour roadblocks, on high alert 14 hrs ago Views.

This is a circus of unimaginable proportions. Don Chigumba Emmerson Mnangagwa. You are true of leaders and did the nation proud.

Her thesis is called dousing fires on mujurus farms. Dr Grace kuita sei ,makaenda kuchikoro chaidzidzwa chirungu here imi ma reporter imi?

Mujuru attains PhD

Read All Our Latest News. Ninja September 13, at 7: Ds please go study as well.


Just hard work, honesty and integrity and patriotism will do. Umuslopogus September 14, at 9: He also said the past academic year had seen a significant number of their strategic partners offering scholarships to support the education of the students. I would simply be surprise, surprise, yes only surprised. Chii chidonyangara pakare kuti ananyoko vedu vafunde kudai?

We have become the most dishonest, corrupt, foolish country in the world. September 15, at 1: September 13, at 7: Akaita thesis nguvai, amidst the eedding and thfsis sprees and birthdays? Pardon September 14, at Our children will be ashamed of us. Ndapota va Nyagura ndipireiwo Amai Mugabe kirasi vachitiratidze zvamakavadziidzisa kuti tigodziidawo kubva kwavari. She failed Chinese degree. Tikwanirei September 17, at 9: Nyagura bemoaned the brain drain at UZ and called upon government to improve conditions of service.