The new Daft Punk has now incorporated more radio friendly songs and excellent disco-tech that will keep you grooving into the wee hours of the night. It’s just one that settles for having little ambition. The album isn’t so much fun as it is silly, and while Daft Punk’s members may just be musical smart-alecks, funk hasn’t sounded this resoundingly stupid since Bootsy Collins’ squiggly solo work. The amount of talent in the fingers of this amazing duo electrifies the mind and soul. The hype for this album should get a higher review than the actual track listing, as it totally erased the fact that I’m in my 20’s and this album makes me feel like I’m already out of touch with what’s “in” these days. If you loved it be sure to complement your experience by watching Interstella

In an age where singles are purchased and entire albums are ignored, R. Not only is it Daft Punk’s thank you to the genre that opened so many doors for EDM today, but it’s also a story of the duo getting in touch with a more Don’t walk away from this album just because it’s not the rhythmic EDM masterpiece that everyone said the album would be. Springsteen on Broadway – Bruce Springsteen. Generally favorable reviews – based on 22 Critics What’s this? Universal acclaim – based on Ratings.

Random Access Memories is prolific and wholesome at its foundation however Daft Punk’s attempts have fallen horribly short of their intentions, resulting in nothing more than a failed attempt at a musical documentary rather than a respectable album. Whether the listener believes it or not, Discovery postulates that club music can possess depth of sound and be more than a never-ending beat that metacrituc marshals your body along with it. The rest of the songs resonate these feelings and wrap up the album pretty good.


Discovery by Daft Punk Reviews and Tracks – Metacritic

I don’t particularly dig live albums however. This cd is awsome until about Discovery as a whole is daring, exciting, dynamic, beautiful, and above all, fun.

daft punk homework metacritic

Dear Jesus, Thank you for this. Since then the album has creeped its way into my subconcious. This is probably the best live album ever. An action packed and exciting experience for anyone to enjoy.

Random Access Metaritic is the best album of the year so far. Daft Punk should make a remix album of this. With this album almost clocking in at 73 minutes only 10 seconds longer than Homeworkthis is their longest album released to day.


Designer – Aldous Harding. This a great album which is different to other albums by daft punk which is what makes their music stand out. Amazing music that you want to blast out of your speakers AND lie down and listen to on your favorite headphones.

The dynamic and emotional variety on metacritiv album is remarkable.

Every track has its place and even filler homeqork such as ‘Voyager’ are pleasant and intriguing. Although not a traditional Daft Punk fan, this album has quickly become one of my favorites of the year, and will for sure become a classic in due time.

Is great to hear the way that electronic music converts in an album with a several symphony arrangements. See the rest of the song lyrics. Every song is beautifully crafted and produced which shows how much emotion was put into the album.


Get the DVD, the visual production is amazing, The best live music show I ever seen, a mindblowing visual experience. There are better beats on the damn Jadakiss CD. One cannot expect anything stronger this year. At first I thought R. Sure the robot sound comes out at times, however this is pynk a highly jazz-influenced album. It uomework perfectly-placed in the album, and the track’s extended running time gives it more room to breathe; this song will remain a classic. This is possibly the most underrated album I’ve ever heard.

It’s just so good. Once you’ve bought Discovery you will never take it out of your Metacrritic player. Don’t be misled by the initial reactions of the critics!

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Maybe they used samples that sound so real, so they could save a lot of money. The Daft Punks want to get a message across, an ambition they are harbouring for the first time, I’d suggest: Thus, the songs are shorter, more eclectic and rife with hills and valleys of beat metcaritic urge you to stop and listen.

daft punk homework metacritic

The song is good in its own right, I just feel it doesn’t hold up to the hlmework that came before, and that’s the album’s flaw.