Justify your answer with reasoning that involves the definitions of what facts are and reasoned judgments are. Martin Luther King was assassinated by James earl ray. However, exactly what those ethical habits are is often debated and may vary from one person to another, may vary across cultures, and may be based on religious or secular foundations. Greta Tayshunn, the President of Itzaphour University. But you are also likely to need to look elsewhere for a brief biography. The first type is informal and intended only for yourself or for close associates who already understand the context of what you are working on.

No additional import charges at delivery! Mary understood her parents when they argued for the value of a college degree. Select a valid country. If that is the question that we care about, then we clearly need to think in reasoned judgment terms. What economic ideas, concepts, and theories would be useful in making sense of the case?

critical thinking in economics dennis patrick leyden

However, often times the issue is up to you. Please enter 5 or 9 numbers for the ZIP Code. In thinking positively about economic parick, frames of reference can be grouped according to the set of facts, assumptions, and theoretical models that are employed in that positive thinking.

critical thinking in economics dennis patrick leyden

Or it could be that your company is in a fierce fight with a competitor, and that this new product is simply an attempt to open up another front in the competition and thereby make it harder for the competitor to function. Suppose that you have just inherited a chemical manufacturing company and are trying to figure out what to produce. But there are also process notions of fairness that many consider to be important.


This is a normative statement, but because so many believe it to be true, many consider it to be a positive statement.

Economists set themselves too easy, too useless a task if in tempestuous seasons they can only tell us that when the storm is patrlck past the 68 Chapter 3 Thinker, Know Thyself ocean is flat again. Patricck tends to place greater emphasis on developing an understanding of the general behavior of individual firms and consumers. Trade restrictions hurt economlcs nations that impose them.

Critical Thinking in Economics

Leyden and my late father Dennis R. Businesses fail because of mismanagement. Then what is that question?

Regardless of the particular problem, however, constructing reasoned judgments always begins with some sort of frame of reference, that is, with a particular perspective. Economic questions may be either positive or normative.

Make sure that this is what the author says, not what you think is a reason why this issue is important.

Critical Thinking in Economics

Thought of as a process, fairness focuses on such things as how people are treated, what opportunities they have, and what restrictions are placed on their actions. It should also be noted that while the business sciences have a strong foundation in economics, they also borrow from other academic disciplines, though economics itself is increasingly doing that as well.

Skim through the material again and see if you can identify where the author moves from one argument to the next. If those limits are sufficiently tight, you and your friend may not have the luxury of analyzing the issue from all three perspectives, and therefore will have to choose which perspective s to ignore. You talk to the plant manager and discover that the company can produce formaldehyde and sulfuric acid. The task for students is to analyze the situation, determine what the issue or issues is, and argue how to address the issue.


We know, for example, that the earth has seasons due to the tilt of the earth, but we do not know absolutely whether the use of fossil fuels has resulted in climate change.

To accomplish this job, the first step is to represent the facts of the situation. See Levitt and Dubner Describe the typical structure of a piece of economic writing, and explain why it has that structure.

In economics and in business, readers are often impatient. Sometimes the difference between the two is obvious: Sketch out the answer that you finally decide is the best and note the implications and consequences of that answer were it true. That may sound difficult, and it certainly requires more energy than an actual conversation.

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And in business, the team approach is now a time-honored method for developing strategies to solve problems or exploit new opportunities. Some statements deal with personal preferences or what economists call tastes.

To get the most out of the in-class case discussion, you should read all the material beforehand.

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