Compile a list of microbiology specialties associated with the food, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries. A terrible epidemic ravages China. You have contracted a viral infection. Predict any ecological consequences that would result if all types of nitrogen-fixing bacteria suddenly went extinct. Researchers enter a virus genome sequence into the database, which then sorts through the tens of thousands of drugs already in existence to find the best one to fight the invader. Evaluate why it is easier to make drugs that fight bacteria than drugs that fight viruses, even though viruses are structurally less complex than bacteria.

Diseases caused by these viruses have no cure or vaccine to prevent them. Which labeled structure represents the genetic material of a virus? Other archaebacteria called halophiles HA luh filz live in very salty environments. But now there is a new hero on the field, one that might make the development of antiviral drugs as easy as following a recipe. What makes bacteria different from your own cells? Bacteria also can cause disease in plants, and most plants can become infected.

You start to feel feverish as your immune system switches from defense mode to attack mode. It would bactria about 10, cold viruses to span the period at the end of this sentence. A virus that infects bacteria is called a bacteriophage bak TIHR ee uh fayj. Peptidoglycan is made of disaccarides and peptide fragments. Explain survival abd of bacteria, at the individual and population levels. Describe some of the diverse characteristics of prokaryotes.


In the evolving battle against viruses, the potential of these molecules is great. Copies of plasmids can be sent across the bridge, thus providing some prokaryotes with new genetic characteristics. Once integrated, the infected cell will have the viral genes permanently. Because bacteria reproduce quickly and their population grows rapidly, genetic mutations can help bacteria survive in changing environments. Another group of bacteria, called facultative anaerobes, can grow either in the presence of oxygen or anaerobically by using fermentation.

What leads you to these conclusions? Viruses have three different patterns of replication.

These viruses can be spread through sexual contact. Heterotrophic bacteria can also be saprotrophs; autotrophs can be photosynthetic or chemoautotrophic. In return, the bacteria provide the body with an essential nutrient.

Obligate aerobes are bacteria that require oxygen to grow. Bacteria also are responsible for commercial production of vitamins, such as vitamin B12 thjnking riboflavin.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 18-1 classification of bacteria by shape and number answers

By comparing DNA, evolutionary relationships can be determined. Some prokaryotic cells are the only organisms able to survive in hostile environments, such as the water in hot sulfur springs or the Great Salt Lake. Which process caused this speciation?

critical thinking diagram worksheet 18-1 classification of bacteria by shape and number answers

How do animal cells compare to the cells of bacteria? They have some characteristics of all cells, such as DNA and ribosomes, but they lack a nuclear membrane and other membrane-bound organelles, such as mitochondria and chloroplasts.

Add to collection s Add to saved. Record all of your observations, including those about the cell color, in a table. Some prokaryotes exhibit a form of reproduction called conjugation, in which two prokaryotes attach claasification each other and exchange genetic information.


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These organisms are called chemoautotrophs. Archaebacteria In extreme environments that are hostile to most other thinling of life, archaebacteria predominate. Most virologists spend many hours in the laboratory conducting experiments. In humans, some diseases, such as those listed in Table A doctor suspects the cause of death is Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease.

Chapter 18: Bacteria and Viruses

Summarize how a cancer cell cycle is different than a normal cell cycle. Endospores are able to survive for long periods of time. Prokaryotes are typically only 1 to nnumber micrometers long and 0. Write an essay that describes an area of debate in human evolution that interests you.

Hypothesize Why would bacterja doctor instruct you to take all of your prescribed antibiotics for a bacterial infection even if you start feeling better before the pills run out?