Jay November 3, at I am freaking out. Also there is no dream job these days. Check out some helpful resources, such as this one and this one. So chances are your errors will fade into oblivion quite easily. Slimquick July 11, at Here is an updated copy of the resume I sent you last [day of the week], expressing my interest in [job title].

Formatting was correct and no typos. A new position opened up at my company. What would you have advised her to do? The answer to the second part of the question is yes. I feel much better now.

cover letter typo resend

The answer to this question is not straightforward. Will the new client be open to having you resend Typo in a cover letter – WWYD? Thank you for any advice you may provide Leslie!

Amending the Cover Letter… then resending it?

I would be supporting the Owner and his wife who is the Office Manager and the resdnd who performed the phone interview with me. This blog helped me quite a bit, thanks so much!


cover letter typo resend

Jay November 3, at Did you misspell a word? What should I do? Leslie O’Flahavan September 12, at I am not sure how this happened as I made no changes to formatting. One, I got an interview for, but the other person was better qualified.

Regards, Stella Kirkman Posted by: Should I find a way to get a new version the application was submitted online or let it go? Sheila Wilson September 13, at I hope Heather’s friend got that second chance! I add this Post to my bookmarks. It’s a fairly common dilemm If you have a letted about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support.

This blog post really grabbed my attention. I think I have done two in the past 10 years.

Did You Make a Mistake on Your Resume? Here’s How to Handle It Like a Pro

That way, she can put a smile into her apology and maybe even turn ccover error into an advantage. I mistakenly spelled the word ‘Preparation’ and typed ‘Preparaction’ under my Seminars Attended section.

cover letter typo resend

None of my other emails sent had this issue. A little oops like a spelling mistake or typo, a broken image, and so on Each case deserves consideration on its own and asks for a different approach. You sent your resume with a typo?

  M101 HOMEWORK 2.1

Merely say that you mis-typed the word “clinical,” and you are sending a correction. Should I resend it Did You Make a Mistake on a Resume?

Did You Make a Mistake on a Resume? Here’s How to Handle It Like a Pro

I don’t think it even phased them. Reality is, I need to wear my glasses.

I help French job-seekers with their English CVs and letters, so I am used to finding all sorts of errors, but I never accept an error which could have been spotted by a spell-checker.

Getting Our Stories Straight: In my cover letter,