But bear in mind, he said, that Heidelberg is only an hour from Frankfurt. He noted that Richard Taylor from Weta Workshop had been included as an author. Toi Ora Live Art Trust. But Olsson maintains that introductions to the main publishers at the fair is key. How many writers went from the South Island? Melanie Laville-Moore, current PANZ president, points out that 36 publishers — more than 50 people — were on the New Zealand stand in , when 20 is more typical.

I always receive blank faces, with one or two perhaps having heard of Janet Frame. This final report outlines the recommendations agreed by the Arts Council and discusses issues identified during the review. Empirical evidence of the gender pay gap in NZ. Tax incentives for individuals. And Hobbits — at the press conferences, on massive billboards, and in a costume contest judged by Richard Taylor — were unavoidable.

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Dr Kabir Dasgupta and Professor Gail Pacheco present a case study analysis of innovation in one part of the New Zealand healthcare system. By contrast, a handful of German publishers and festival directors visited New Zealand in Mayfunded by Creative New Zealand, just five months before the Book Fair itself. Prime Minister’s Awards for literary achievement. The questionnaire will ask questions about our proposals and also ask you to raise any issues and concerns not identified in the draft report.

Bursaries, fellowships, scholarships and residencies. We could also change our funding priorities for Quick Response and Arts Grants and the range of other opportunities we provide for literature.


We are seeking a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for a two-year fixed-term position. Other sources of funding. But there is a lot wrong with the people who are supposed to be selling it to the world.

cnz literature review

Certainly, at the time, New Zealand writers and kiterature took centre-stage for a while in a city that takes culture very seriously. The funds not allocated through the fellowship will be ring-fenced for literature applications to our Arts Grants rounds in the year the fellowship is not awarded. How many writers went from the South Island? Directory of arts links.

Review of Creative New Zealand’s support for literature | Creative New Zealand

But was being published in German really essential? The ongoing impact of Frankfurt on sales is difficult to monitor in New Zealand because the funding for research beyond the GOH period ended. How to talk to possible donors.

Community arts, Audience development, Capability building, Fellowships, awards and residencies, Events, Funding for organisations, Funding for individuals, International, Legislation and governance, Research, Arts accessibility Latest news and blog. The Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest — and one of the oldest — trade fairs in international publishing, proud of its flashy statistics: And no amount of sniping from the sidelines will take away from the fact that many litwrature authors have been published in Germany than would have been without it.

New Zealand spent money on bringing some 60 authors. New Zealanders and the arts. Increasing the national readership and sales of New Zealand literature will be a funding priority for Quick Response and Arts Grants and the Toi Uru Kahikatea investment programme. There is nothing wrong with New Zealand literature. Because of the strange idea to fill half of the floor space with water — and having a dance troupe cmz the room — there was only space for half of the guests.


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Te Waka Toi Awards. In the event of buying German-language rights to a New Zealand title, a German publisher would make their own translation.

Download PDF pdf Size: Other sources of funding. Register or Log in. But what have our writers and publishers got to show for revlew German media named Kidman as one of the top ten writers at the Fair after which a Protection Squad member was detailed to look after her.

cnz literature review

Their concern will not have diminished: Frankfurt is not about German literature, and even if it were, making translations is a complete waste. Tax incentives for individuals.

Review of Creative New Zealand’s support for literature | Creative New Zealand

Find the right donor. In a report published today the Arts Council agreed to:. Creative Communities Scheme logos.