Instructions to submit proposal to PFRC. The applicants are expected to have demonstrated a high level of competence. In case the awardees are availing any other incentive Performance Related Incentive Scheme from other agencies or parent organization, they must choose only one. The students will have the option to quit DGFS during the first 4 months. The Principal Investigator PI is expected to submit renewal application along with progress report in the prescribed format for the third and subsequent financial years.

The honorarium will be taxable at source. They are refereed by specialists in the field and based on their comments, the short listed applicants may be invited to a Technical Programme Discussion Meeting TPDM for an oral presentation before a panel comprising the members of the Advisory Committee and the experts. The PI may also be asked to clarify questions raised by the referees regarding the project if any. The committee’s recommendations are discussed in the Board meeting. Kindly submit the documents in the same native format as in the templates provided. Other items such as travel and contingency expenditure. It is also recommended to read the FAQ document.

Application should be sent in the prescribed format to the following address: The Senior Scientist will submit an annual progress report to Chairman, AEC on the research work at the end of each calendar year along with a Statement of Expenditure for renewal and release of grant for the new year. STEP -5 If majority of the referees recommend the project, the PI will be invited to give a presentation to the PFRC Committee mainly on matters regarding project content, deliverables, implementation and budgeting.


In the event of any dispute arising out of the interpretation of the clauses or the implementation of this award scheme, the decision of the Department of Atomic Energy shall be proposla and binding. The students will have the option to quit DGFS during the first 4 months.


The fellowship amount offered will be Rs. The grant given to the Principal Investigators include expenditure towards buying of equipment, consumables, staff salaries, technical assistance, contingencies, travel, reseach charges, and overheads.

For New Projects

Other items such as travel and contingency expenditure. This would also cover the cost of stationery travel within the country.

brns research proposal

The selected candidates will pursue Ph. Assets created, if any, will be the property of the sponsoring institution, unless otherwise specifically decided by the DAE. The date of receipt of the funds by the PI’s institute will be taken as the date of start of the project. The progress of the projects is periodically reviewed less. Selected applicants will be entitled to medical facilities as admissible to all other students at the Institute Campus.

For New Projects

The scheme is particularly aimed at NRI scientists willing to return to the country. For any additional information, kindly contact the NFP.

brns research proposal

Once a project is recommended favorably after its evaluation for technical and scientific content the proposal is referred to different authorities, for final approval depending upon the budget requirement. BRNS support the following schemes. The Council may invite appropriate experts to such review meetings. The upper limit propoxal funding would be about Rs. The Advisory Committee monitors the projects through six monthly reports from the investigators.

The awardee will be assisted in working across institutions, laboratories and industries. The Form 2E may be downloaded from gesearch http: Any travel related to the project work has to be funded from the budget of the constituent institution, since the student will work on a project of interest to the institution.


The list of templates for Ressearch project submission is available here. In addition to the normal projects submitted by the principal investigators for financial support, BRNS also considers some intensively funded schemes of importance to DAE as well as to create major centers at selected places to develop expertise in a particular area of science and technology.

Further the recipient of the research grant will be expected to make presentations to the specifically convened review meetings of the Council. The honorarium of Rs. Equipment, consumables, brbs and other contingencies. The period of visit shall be up to 3 months.

brns research proposal

The Award is consisting of the following remuneration: A page write – up describing the relevance and importance of the proposed research and what the proposer expects to achieve at the btns of the 5-year-period. The age of the applicant shall not be above 47 years as on 31 December of the year of application. Who can be a Visiting Scientist.

The students will also get a contingency grant of Rs. PCnot satisfying age criteria of the Principal Investigator PIcertificate from reesearch institution etc.

Financial sanctions for the projects approved by the Board are released by BRNS subject to availability of funds.