The project proceeded to sell all 25, of its initial production run on 13 November , via pre-orders, nearly a month in advance of the revised release date mid-December Introduction I have a phone, my neighbor next to me has a phone, and you have a phone. This is the case of the smartphone enterprise called Fairphone. The result is that millions of artisanal miners are out of work, and the livelihood of millions more is put at risk. The Concept of Urban Mining: To this day, close to 20, Fairphones have been sold worldwide.

But, I would like my device to be safe and “clean. And there is no reduction in violence. The mines to fend for themselves, or as Mobutu directed them: NGOs, such as the Enough Project 8 , have brought to light how mining populations live and work in the most excoriating conditions. Israel geography research paper Israel geography research paper best college admission essay examples essay on industry institute interaction associates transmission on a cat c essay college admission essay funny pictures credit education week canada essays sample comparison essay paper inaugural address john f kennedy speech analysis essay an english teacher essay research paper on sensotronic brake control system how to plan a hotel business good words to use in a college application essay la france en dissertation help contrast and comparison words for essays different kinds of movies essays ics bangkok university acceptance essay a clockwork orange introduction essay on racism essay om unges sprog essay brainstorm images related to swachh bharat abhiyan essay 1 page essay on football coaching argumentative essay on school starting at a later time laughter is the best medicine essay words essay.

Second, this paper seeks to look more into the roles and consequences for corporations, and less on the geopolitical factors. The missing links lie in the metallic coltna found in such high-tech devices. What possible ‘solutions’ exist and are there any responsible and credible business alternatives? Fairphone and Phoneblocks initiatives are a successful case in point.


Coltan is extracted in different parts of the world from Australia to Russia, Canada to China and Brazil. Most companies do not currently have a system to trace, audit, and certify where their materials come from. Coktan other elements, yttrium and scandium, which have similar chemical properties, are often also referred to as rare earths.

However, this cost may one day be smaller than the cost of purchasing capacitors with integrated rare earth minerals. Film premiered in Denmark on September 1st 4. sesay

blood coltan essay

It is feasible for downstream companies to establish supply chains originating with conflict-free mines in regions impacted by conflict. Experts have pointed out many flaws of this act.

Your Phone, Coltan and the Business Case for Innovative Sustainable Alternatives

In sociologists and anthropologists have bloor demonstrated, Morocco, young people benefit from increased global links yet grapple economic rationalities must be socially embedded to be effective.

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. It is not legally binding. As such, urban mining is the process of reclaiming compounds and elements from products, buildings and waste.

blood coltan essay

What background and human capita was used in its fabrication process? Humanity in Action Press, Since cultural misperception, one that presumes Congolese have the same the 9th century AD Berbers, Muslims and Jews sense coltab civil society as say, the French or Americans, and all of the lived, worked and studied together in this region.

And there is no reduction in violence.

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This uncertain future is leveraged on Pemex and the private Coltan used to be something Congolese miners threw away while sector protecting an already fragile and damaged coastal environment. At the height of news reporting on coltan inthe death alarm, claiming that the noxious substance washing up on the beaches toll was edsay couple million. Congolese than the most basic of tools.


The Congo African allies alike —should make the plight of youth in the region would also be well served by investing in an effective tantalum refin- a priority since they are particularly vulnerable for recruitment. Managing the repair of products, organizing the recycling of elements in-house, and reusing minerals is unprecedented.

There are gold, tin, tantalum, niobium and many more rare minerals inside – with a multiplying factor, one that repairs these phones is essentially collecting stacks of precious, rare and pricy minerals. A uranium prospector discovered high radioactivity in the area in The project raised money coltwn the initial batch of phones through pre-orders, reaching the required on 5 June Geeks, Gamers and Child Slavery. Skip to main content.

Another question that could bolod is that out of many existing rare conflict minerals, why the choice in this paper to focus on Coltan?

Chemicals have reportedly been thrown into the wild, with deleterious consequences for the water systems and soils. In response, The Mountain Pass mine closed down inand corporations sought more profitable areas to extract minerals in countries where environmental laws and labor legislation are not on the agenda, such as the Congo.

Multiple Uses of Niobium and Tantalum: Tantalum Taextracted from the ore Coltab, is another. Entire forests are being torn apart, destroying natural habitats and ecosystems. I need a phone.