The country has several existing transplanters under two general categories: A design of an ergonomic rice transplanter The rice transplation process is generally manual which involves number of labours. The system is easy for handling. Production of Major Agricultural Crops http: Padded Wheel Gear wheel drive The belt drive is used to power transmit so that the power will betransmitted.

As such time the efficiency of production is decreases. Octavo Anna Katrina O. A cost and benefit was further made and it was verified that upon acceptance of the mechanization, farmers can save a significant amount of more than Php 1, per hectare. Click here to sign up. The wheel is provided with the fins so that it can travel easily in the mud. One of the reason behind this is the cost of labourship, availability of labours and the expenses during the farming. The country has several existing transplanters under two general categories:

It oscillate at certain angle and it is called as fixed fork mechanism. Padded wheel provided with six fins, when the manpower will push the machine the wheel will rotate with the fins and hence gear will rotate and power will get transmitted. On the same shaft planting finger will be fixed through the linkage so that it will oscillate for tarnsplanter angle.

thesis rice transplanter

Machine transplanting using rice transplanters requires considerably less time and labour than manual transplanting. This is part of our updated Privacy Policy. Observations were made and it was concluded that the general rice transplanting process could not be changed and therefore the awkward posture as well as repetitive motion could not be eliminated nor minimized unless mechanization was introduced.


The number of the seedling tray compartments was changed from 6 to 4 to adapt to the standard size of seedling mats which is 30 cm in width. The authors adapted the standard size tray to eliminate the time required in cutting seedbeds thewis transplanting.

thesis rice transplanter

Under the ergonomic evaluation, the drudgery felt was reduced as the manner of operating the transplanter was modified from push and pull to minimal pushing, as engines were incorporated in the design. For the performance test however, the evaluation conducted on the prototype unit showed an output capacity rate of 0.

Thesis: Rice Planter Machine by Edward Henrick Aguda on Prezi

Then we have larger gear is provided on the same shaft with the padded wheel and hence at the same time gear will also rotate. Considering the present scenario, thessis labour are not easiy available, as such time these system will be the need for farmers. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

thesis rice transplanter

For that we have worked on the plantation process of thesls, and we find that the manual rice transplantion process is slow and also the cost is more. In view of this, there is an urgent need to mechanize this operation.


Design, Moving velocity, Efficiency. When the rice transplanter eill move forward the padded wheel will get rotate. Production of Major Agricultural Crops http: Gear Wheel Drive http: The larger gear is in engagement with the smaller gear by using the belt drive.

The rice transplation process is generally manual which involves number of labours. The large gear will be on the same shaft with the padded wheel and tranzplanter gear will be on the another shaft with the planting finger.


As the drive is provided by the worker it will not have high speed and hence through this gear arrangement we have increase the planting finger speed. As the ride finger will oscillate, it will pick the nursery thesie from the seedling mat and planted in mud. Design involved the selection of padded wheel, spur gear assembly, belt drive and base design. If this operation is not done in time the yield goes down.

A design of an ergonomic rice transplanter By Sapthagiri Engineering College. It is the distance between two nursery seed point along the motion of the machine.

A design of an ergonomic rice transplanter (2008)

It having the specific shape which pick the nursery seed and plant in mud. As the power will get transmitted to the smaller gear, it will rotate. Octavo Anna Katrina O. Help Center Find new research papers in: Transplantrr picker assembly can be disengaged so that the transplanter can run while the picker assembly, seedling feeder assembly, and the tray indexing assembly are on hold.

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