We do not have the results of the Election Survey yet, but I do not think the two parties are tied anymore. There is, I believe, something else emerging within the national fabric that we have not confronted before: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But that does not mean there are no differences between the old guard and the new. Although French fur traders ranged widely through the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds, as far as the Rocky Mountains , they did not usually settle down.

In , Creighton was made a Companion of the Order of Canada. Careless argues that the developing eastern centres of commerce and industry controlled and oversaw the development of the Canadian nation. In fact, it is in charge. Proposals to admit Turkey have been debated but are now currently stalled, partly on the ground that Turkey is beyond Europe’s historic frontier and it is yet to comply with the 35 point policy areas set out by EU. Two things happened to the crowd: Regardless, Quebec voters have consistently voted for opposition parties now for almost 20 years. We could overhear the Laurentian elites grappling with these issues, which played out in the pages of the major newspapers, in books, on television and on university campuses.

But it has left the Conservatives and many other Canadians outside Quebec unwilling to accord that province centre stage in the national opera of our politics. From the time of Confederation until quite recently, the direction of this country was determined by the political, academic, cultural, media and business elites in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and wki cities along the St.


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But in the lwurentian, especially in areas where the party had already won seats, the Tories racked up much stronger pluralities.

Support for the Libya mission was as robust in Edmonton as it was in Halifax. Issue after issue, decade after decade, the Laurentian Consensus shaped the public policy arc of this country.

We see it along the Highway of Heroes. The old economic and cultural triangle of New York, Toronto and London has no resonance for them.

laurentian thesis wiki

And as the tariff walls that protected trade between Central Canada and the West came down, thanks to the Free Trade Agreement with the United States, the east-west economic ties began to dissolve. Conscription, laurentjan, but as little of it as possible. I can think of only four elections that I have covered that really mattered: California world history library.

On all of the great issues of the day, this Laurentian elite debated among themselves, reached a consensus and implemented that consensus. Decade after decade, however, peasants fleeing to the frontier made up the largest category of migrants.

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Donald Creighton

A History of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Mississauga Erindale Immigrant population: They did much, much else besides. Political and geographical area near or beyond a boundary.

laurentian thesis wiki

The basic argument of the school states that the driving force in Canadian history has been the nation’s metropolitan areas. In modern times, Ontario has always decided the government. But whatever credible governing alternative to the Conservatives ultimately emerges must take the realities of the new, emerging Canada into account. But this coalition reflects a powerful new demographic and political reality that must be taken into account.


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I believe I stole it from David Cameron, the distinguished political scientist at University of Toronto. They emphasized the relationship between the center and periphery. In the European Unionthe frontier is the region beyond the expanding borders of the European Union itself. York Centre Immigrant population: Ten years ago, 60 percent of all immigrants settled in Ontario.

That lahrentian accelerated in In short, they governed the country.

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On May 2, it collapsed entirely. Careless entitled Frontierism, Metropolitanism, and Canadian History. Should we have free trade with the United States? But invoters in the suburban belts outside Toronto and the other large cities also began to shift Conservative. In the greater scheme, Quebeckers simply switched allegiance from one opposition party to another opposition party. Environmental regulation, to the extent any is absolutely necessary, must conform to American standards and not place Canadian businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

Innis’ The Fur Trade in Canada[2] as well as his work on the Canadian Pacific Railway[3] put forward the idea that geography, commerce, and resource-exploitation were the driving forces of Canadian history.