Pose thoughtful, open-ended questions that encourage reflection by the intern. Use resources to help establish a communication plan: An application to More information. How does the intern connect A-1 to A-2? Days missed due to holidays, snow, and sick are indicated as well. There is a separate guide for: Assisting the intern in the development of the intern s PGP.

It is not limited to a student with an official plan e. Be ready to briefly describe your leadership project to another group. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. The word Teacher throughout More information. Remember evidence for Cycles 1 and 2 are based on individual lessons.

Interns must be given adequate time to complete the tasks, reflect, and provide information to committee members. Internship Supervisor Eval Form. Each plan for tasks D, E, and F must be approved by the committee before they are implemented.

kentucky teacher internship program (ktip)

Assignment of beginning teacher committee members in accordance with legal requirements. Standards 1, 2, 6 Task B: Enter your More information. Elementary Education Program Faculty Re: Lesson Plan Task B: All committee members must be present and are joined later by the intern. All committee members and the intern must be present.


Identify all the KTIP materials that will be used. The plan must be approved by the committee before implementation. Complete task with a partner. As with Task G, this task must be approved by the committee before completing Task I. Agreement between teacher intern performance records, professional growth plans, beginning teacher committee meeting reports, the teacher performance assessment, and the final decision of the committee.

ktip training homework

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program. Mentoring in a collaborative setting shall be documented on the Resource Teacher Time Sheet; and.

kentucky teacher internship program (ktip)

What methods do schools have to communicate learning results to students and parents? Compliance with the requirements for kip timing, content, reporting, and signing of teacher intern performance records, meeting and observation forms, and resource teacher time sheets; and.

ktip training homework

NKU uses cookies on this website Information is collected automatically by NKU as part of the software operation of our website. The cycle increments are mandated by regulation. Emphasize the advice that should be given to the intern for 4 and 5.

Click Save and Continue. If the teacher intern is employed after the date required to submit the Confirmation of Employment in accordance with Section 4 3 a of this administrative regulation, the teacher training institution shall appoint a teacher educator no later than ten 10 days after being notified by the district or nonpublic school of the need for a teacher educator.


Monitoring in-and-out of class time the resource teacher spends with the intern and signing Resource Teacher Time Sheets. Enter and submit data into the online Resource Teacher Time Sheet or the hard copy of that document if the electronic reporting system is unavailable.

All Clinical Teachers must have. The information is designed to facilitate the Internship application process and to enhance the quality of the Internship.

Standards 1, 2, 5, 6 Task H: Within the — instructional day span all 3 cycles must occur as identified in regulation. When can the intern begin the instructional unit? This data is not personally identifiable information. An application to More information.

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