Within the — instructional day span all 3 cycles must occur as identified in regulation. Participants read scripts and review IPR analytic and holistic score. Discuss the Professional Learning Community as a means to help develop a reflection piece. For those who have not completed homework, they may continue with the face-to-face, but must complete the homework before receiving a certificate of completion and serve on the committees. Teacher evaluation occurs through a variety of activities:

With your partners, discuss possible leadership projects that will improve your school. Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System. Performance Task A-F review. Assisting the intern in the development of the intern s PGP. Refer to sources of evidence. Project Basics What do you already know about the Graduate Project? Students desiring an Interdisciplinary More information.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Resource Guide for Online Homework

The appeals committee shall include: Place heavy emphasis on helping students assess their own performance. Observer’s Signature Intern’s Signature All principals, teachers, instructional supervisors, teacher educators and University faculty who plan to serve on KTIP committees must complete a homework assignment and a one-day training session prior to committee assignment. The frequency of the disbursement shall be at the option of the district if the resource teacher is serving in a public school district.

Remember evidence for Cycles 1 and 2 are based on individual lessons. Workforce Enterprise Services For: Choose View my EduCart.


ktip guide for homework

Intern is analyzing classroom instruction based on student performance. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Designing the Instructional Unit Task H: Pair up in groups. Evidence describes what the observer actually sees when observing.

Rather, the intern describes in Cycle 3 or Cycle 2 if completed during vor cycle reflection piece concerning what did not work and why? You will be sent an e-ticket that you will present to the trainer upon your arrival.

Though rapport is very important, keep the focus on what will help improve student learning and instruction during the conference.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP): Northern Kentucky University, Greater Cincinnati Region

The full-year internship must occur when the intern is instructing a minimum of instructional days from the first day of school to the end of the school year. One 1 1 minute Remind the intern to electronically submit the completed tasks G-J to the committee members at least 2 days prior to the committee meeting. Identify all the KTIP materials that will be used.

The Leadership Project needs to be manageable and meaningful kitp a first-year teacher.

Participating in each of the four committee meetings as scheduled by the principal. Planning My supervisor and I have agreed on performance objectives for. Positions Requiring Certification More information.


ktip guide for homework

Retain a copy of hlmework materials for your district s records. Standards 1,2, 5, 6 Task J1: September 6, To: Scores for Standard 2 do not change after you have observed the intern.

Orientation Meeting The first committee meeting is held prior to any formal classroom observation.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Committee Training ppt video online download

Barriers child of divorce, death, truancy issues, job Gifted students needing enrichment Family Resource Center collaborations as well as other wrap around services Comp Care, Counselors, etc Trainer: Responsibilities of this position include: The Instructional Unit Observations for the instructional unit cannot occur until the th instructional day following the orientation meeting.

Be a violation of KRS What methods do schools have to communicate learning results to students and parents? Emphasize the connection between the self-assessment and the professional growth plan. Still using August 27 as the Guife Meeting date, determine the new dates for the end of each cycle if your intern misses the following days: