Communication improvement will be the second key responsibilities. These are the five basic ‘performance objectives’ and they apply Five basic ‘performance to all types of operation. The more guests we have, the higher is our utilization of rooms and restaurants, and this is what really keeps cost per guest down and profitability reasonable. Newer Post Older Post Home. The operation is trying to be ‘internally supportive’ by providing a credible operations strategy. It is our job to make them feel better.

I I A large automobile company pays its dealer service centres if a part has to be replaced on one of its cars. The ways in which operations management can influence cost will depend largely on where the operation costs are incurred. The model traces the progression of the operations function from what is the largely negative role of stage 1 operations to it becoming the central element of competitive strategy in excellent stage 4 operations. In business, coordination is necessary because all business have goals. Flexible micro operations can also change over between tasks quickly and without wasting time and capacity. The five performance objectives of Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility and Cost will have an impact and benefits on both internal and external customers of the hotel.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

Dependability saves time It effectively arranging the facilities, information, material, workforce, money and time to ensure all of them can be available at any time, saves the time to wait or to look for other substitutes.

Externally, it can pass good value and savings to mutara. Each employee works 35 hours per week. This philosophy reflects how organization thinks about the employees. When the organization is managing to do this, it is giving penqng cost advantage change what it does, how it Is doing it, or when to its customers.


Our workers don’t answer as many calls per hour, but that’s our choice.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

Besides business, customers also look importance on the product quality. Log In Sign Jutiara. In this stage, manufacturing organization will be inspecting as externally supportive.

Both these papers were the origins of the idea that operation’s role is important in determining its contribution to a business. Useful for international operations strategy research.

Good quality can eliminates the mistakes while in processing. Besides, hire the new employees from the other companies in same industry to make companies easier to compete with the same products and services.

Qn 1a Describe how you operaitons Wernie will make sure that the way he manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business.

This have to make sure objectivfs between economic batch size and cost point price per unit. With new technology the video can be started from a freeze-frame and will broadcast the instant the command to play is given.

For example, if the hospital has to cope with a sudden influx of patients from a road accident, it clearly needs to deal with injuries quickly. The first function will be customer satisfaction.

Penang mutiara

The treatment you receive during the first hour after your accident what is called the ‘golden hour’ can determine whether you survive and fully recover or not. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. In fact, the company’s success is based largely on these unique operations capabilities. Welfare and motivation to employees.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

Click here to sign up. Additionally, quality services in terms studg providing stylish design and top-class materials and being able to practise good preventive maintenance to the building structure and equipment is jutiara another way of sustaining high class image and luxury atmosphere to create a comfortable feeling to welcome visiting guests.


Initially this may not Dependability could mean. Questions 1 What do the five performance objectives mean for an operation such as the SSG’s newsroom?

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Internally, by allowing a good return to the organization, low operating expenses and low employment overhead by engaging temporary staff during peak period to avoid abundant staff after the season can achieve cost reduction which means more incentives, welfare and bonuses for staff.

It’s this kind of flexibility which allows us to maintain fast response to the customer. External oprrations The first step of breaking out of stage 1 is for the operations function to begin comparing itself with similar companies or organizations in the outside market being ‘externally neutral’.

They must also have sufficiently flexible facilities and equipment so that time is not wasted waiting for equipment to be brought to the patient.

Sut news perishes fast. While for the reception part, stuffs were reminded to cut off their repetition of words and take customers to the rooms without irritating delay.

The lower the cost of producing their goods and services, the lower can be the price to their customers. Another book extolling the virtue of speed. The investment at Liege focused on improving ‘end of sort’ times to reduce door-to-door delivery times. So, voluntary workers in a charity may be employees, shareholders and customers all at once.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara