Widening and deepening the river channel – this allowed the river to carry more water. Land owners were encouraged to maintain vegetation and plant new trees. A large quantity of water arrived within a short space of time causing the rivers to overflow. Boscastle is also located on a confluence of three rivers. How much rainfall an area has had in one week.

The bridge acted like a dam and eventually smashed through causing a surge of water up to 5m high. Removing low bridges and replacing them with wider bridges – this meant large amounts of water could flow freely underneath the bridge and the bridge wouldn’t act like a dam in the flood, vegetation and debris became blocked, creating the effect of a dam. The soils were quite thin and made up of impermeable peat soils. How and when a rainfall event affects the discharge of a river. They increase the peak discharge. What caused the Boscastle flood of ? In August , the village of Boscastle saw a month’s worth of rain fall in two hours.

Lack of any flood control eg; raised banks around river and emergency drainage ditches.

MEDC CaseStudy – Boscastle Flooding – Causes and effects table in GCSE Geography

People in LEDCs cannot afford home insurance so they lose everything. People in MEDCs live on lower ground so they cannot return home very quickly. What of these is a human cause of flooding?


Raising the car park and using a permeable surface – this allowed cars to be much higher and so they were less likely to be swept away. Hit by catastrophic floods on 16th August What does a storm hydrograph show?

A few old arch bridges got blocked up with the flood debris. Causes Over 60mm of rainfll fell boscastoe 2 hours a typical months rainfall.

MEDC CaseStudy – Boscastle Flooding

Red mud and clay from a river bed. No lives were lost, partly due to the rapid response of the emergency services. Income from tourism was lost. How do steep valley sides affect the flood hydrograph? Increase in buildings within the drainage basin meant that there more impermeable surfaces which directed water back to the river faster.

They increase the peak discharge. Rock that does allow water through it. What is a long-term response to flooding in Bangladesh? The rock in the local area is slate which does not allow percolation.

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People in LEDCs lack bittesize so they do not understand that floods are dangerous. British Isles case study: Rock that allows water through it during times of flood.


There were very few trees to absorb water and slow the amount of water going into the river. Report Wed 3rd May, Approximately permanent residents but more effected due to influx of tourists.

River landscapes in the UK

Land owners were encouraged to maintain vegetation and plant new trees. What is impermeable rock?

boscastle case study bbc bitesize

Pavements and gardens damaged by weight of water. Effects Homes, businesses and cars belonging to more than 1, people were swept away. How many storms have occurred during one month. The drainage basin has many steep slopes, and has areas ofc impermeable slate causing rapid surface runoff. These biteeize saturated so water became surface run-off very quickly.

There were vast numbers of subsequent insurance claims. They increase the lag time.

Rock that doesn’t allow water through it. Water on land – case studies. In Augustthe village of Boscastle saw a month’s worth of rain fall in two hours.

boscastle case study bbc bitesize