We expect the student to do the right thing even when there s no one around and there will be no immediate reward; therefore recognition is emphasized more than reward when it comes to reinforcing positive character traits for long-lasting effects. Exercise was introduced as a component of the food pyramid, and 12 individualized intake profiles were added. Click for Online Resources. The doctor s role at the school is to perform first aid and to make the necessary referrals to the student s own physician. Only an adult should heat and stir hot soup. The completion of assignments will be monitored by teachers and recorded on quarterly report cards.

Login to Digital Campus. After 3 incidents of tardiness, parents will receive a message from the head of school. If a signed permission slip is not received by the deadline stated on the form we will not be able to send your child on the trip. At Al Zuhour Private School every student is inspired and challenged to learn, grow and accomplish academic and social goals. I’d finger-paint more, and point the finger less.

al zuhour private school homework

Students should be at their assigned bus stop five minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the bus. Write a daily reminder in the channel book for the teacher stating what the medicine is, when it is to be given, and how much.

Al Zuhour Private School, Sharjah

The doctor s role at the school is to perform first aid and to make the necessary referrals to the student s own physician. For example, fresh juice, milk, fruit, sandwiches, and other healthy food are highly encouraged. After 3 incidents of tardiness, parents will receive a message from the sfhool of school.


al zuhour private school homework

Parents will be informed by the supervising teacher for dchool infraction and the consequence. Socks worn must be gray, navy blue or white only. Shoes must be black, gray, or white. Report cards and official documents will not be released before the student s clearance form is completed by school administration. If your child needs to leave school early, please send in a note via the channel book or contact us on: The school provides this book in an attempt to strengthen communication between school and home.

Items which are forbidden and will be confiscated include all toy guns, knives, matches, and other potentially dangerous objects Telephone Use Children will be permitted to use the school telephone if their health or safety is involved.

The adults can then assess the situation and work together to find ways to help the child express him or herself in more socially appropriate ways. Al Zuhour Private School. Admission Open Admission is open for academic year Students must respect their authority. Homework is a necessary part of the instructional process that begins in the classroom, extends into the home, and provides a way for parents to become aware of the instructional program and their child s academic progress.

Student will not be allowed into the classroom and parents will be called to send in the proper uniform or transport the student back home.

Accurate and up-to-date priavte makes it possible for school personnel to provide proper emergency care. Each day we have two minute snack times. These arrangements include identifying designated friends or relatives who would be available to pick up and care for your child in the event the school is unable to reach the parents.


Acknowledging student demonstrations of good character is important. Complain of severe persistent pain. Vary the cereals, types of bread, and sandwich fillings you buy week to week. This letter will outline the actions taken if further incidents occur, achool well as the school s expectations for student attendance.

Teachers model ways of resolving issues or conflicts among the children. Limits and rules are explained to the children.

Al Zuhour Private School

Only students of the class involved, the teacher, homewrok adult chaperones are eligible to attend school fieldtrips. Assistants are not allowed to accept any charitable items including money. We invite your comments, concerns, and ideas to make our behavior plan work at school. AZPS is a community of lifelong learners that strives for academic excellence, prepares students for the global challenges, and maintains cultural identity.

al zuhour private school homework

Yehia Kallash and recently Mr. Change your typical foods. Joining Al Zuhour Private School 2. I’d finger-paint more, and point the finger less. To provide a quality international education while maintaining the cultural identity.